Avoid PCB & Enclosure Collisions with 3D Product Visualization


Many companies cite ECAD / MCAD design synchronization as a significant product design challenge. Enclosures are shrinking and shapes are becoming more complex. Placing multi-PCB configurations in these complex enclosures leaves little room for error. It is estimated that 50% of complex products require at least one additional PCB fabrication to address electro-mechanical issues. 3D product visualization is the solution.

This webinar will present an approach to make ECAD / MCAD collaboration part of your standard design process.  Easily import MCAD data and orient multiple PCBs within the enclosure and detect collisions.  Make corrections and re-analyze.

PCB design webinar

What you will learn:

  • Benefits of product visualization
  • How to significantly reduce ECAD <> MCAD iterations for interference studies
  • How to manage multiple boards and their associated enclosure simultaneously
  • Conduct real time electro-mechanical co-design
  • Manage collision checking directly in the native ECAD tool

Who should attend:

PCB designers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, engineering managers, product managers.

Siemens NX

PTC Creo

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Craig Armenti, Senior Technical Marketing Manager for PCB Products, Zuken USA, Inc.

Craig ArmentiCraig focuses on working with customers to deliver and implement solutions that provide process improvements and drive the utilization of best practices. Craig has held Application Support and Management positions with several major telecommunication companies. He holds Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology and Master of Business Administration degrees.

Avoid PCB & Enclosure Collisions with 3D Product Visualization