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CADSTAR, Zuken’s production proven expert desktop PCB design solution allows an intuitive and complete design flow for EDA engineers and designers alike, from the initial schematics and PCB design to manufacturing output.


  • Schematics
  • Constraint Browser
  • Placement Planner
  • High-speed routing 
  • Signal Integrity
  • Power Integrity
  • EMC 
  • 3D Mechanical verification

Optimized for the typical small and mid-sized design team, it also appeals to individual all-rounders and corporations operating across multiple sites.

Benefit from leading PCB design technologies

Watch our short introduction to CADSTAR, illustrating the possibilities it affords.

Some of the latest enhancements to CADSTAR include...

CADSTAR Activ-45CADSTAR Activ-45 - Advanced 45-degree routing and pushing 

The advanced Activ-45 router provides the ultimate in speed and precision for manual routing, offering single-click ‘follow me’ routing with automatic completion, using push-aside, springback and segment break options to tackle even the most complex layout challenges.

CADSTAR TouchCADSTAR Touch: PCB design assistance from your tablet or smartphone

CADSTAR Touch is a free PCB design productivity App for iOS and Android devices that allows remote control of CADSTAR’s view and program functions. 

  • Drag to pan and pinch to zoom the CADSTAR display view
  • Double tap to view all
  • Execute user-defined CADSTAR macros
  • Customize the number of macros displayed on your phone or tablet 
  • Operate using voice control (Android devices only)

Plus get local support from our global network of representatives offering you the assistance you need, when you need it.

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